Notebook of Love

I bought a notebook, just a simple notebook and I don’t know why I buy things or give things as a means of love but I gave myself a notebook that I can keep my thoughts, I know that someone will going to read this and treasure all of my thoughts and feelings. I often value material belongings and this simple notebook was the most precious gift that I had given to myself, because I wanted to and it was beautiful.


As the darkness spread, I went home, opened the first page and said “this might be my book of passion”. I want to fill this with beautiful thoughts, lines, and words that will marked my name, unfortunately, when I opened the first page my mind went blanked. Not even a single word within reached, all escaped and asked myself “what do you know about love?” so many questions popping on my head and saying that you lost another battle. A battle that might change your life if you win and a battle that will give you an answer or a lesson to help yourself to be a better one.

I want to write about other things that matter, like life, sorrow, and happiness because these things that matter and always will. Such a simple notebook that can hand a silence of thousands of voice and how can someone can make me feel home even though you are thousand miles away.

Have you ever been in love and hurt someone? You’re mad, disappointed and sad because you just wanted to love and be loved in return but life seems so unfair to you. The life that you always wanted got away and both of you made separate ways. You still the strange love from him/her, but you are still angry and want to hit him/her badly, but you just hug him/her and hurting is like hurting yourself. So falling down on your knees because you are hopeless by your own emotions but that’s we called Love. You will never know that there was love in learning, and never did you know that learning how to love with someone else can solve your “self” part so gracefully.

I am going to write about struggles, sorrow and also about love and happiness. Little by little I can found it and intend to keep it.


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